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Chudleigh Wild exists to build the resilience of our local wildlife through community actions to meet the threats of declining biodiversity and climate change. Our Vision is of a Parish and its people that are enriched by wildlife, where people enrich the natural world and help to safeguard it for the future.

Chudleigh Wild aims to:

  • share knowledge of the wonderful wildlife in the Parish of Chudleigh

  • raise awareness through events and activities that involve and motivate the community

  • encourage positive action by local residents to attract and sustain more wildlife in the town and Parish of Chudleigh

  • conserve and enhance our existing wildlife and local habitats, features and species populations, through working together and with others

  • survey and record what we have, holding and sharing our wildlife records with others

  • advise groups and individuals on biodiversity and land management for wildlife

  • monitor development proposals that may result in damage to important wildlife

  • be environmentally and socially aware and responsible in what we do


Recent successes have included:

  • an insect friendly bat garden off Rock Road

  • nature walks and talks

  • Swift nest-boxes on the Town hall and Globe Hotel

  • managed grass verges to increase the variety of flowers

  • planted trees, native bulbs and insect friendly plants in public areas

  • held bat evenings at Oldway Batfields

  • monitored bat flyways in the light of building developments

  • input to the Neighbourhood Development Plan

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