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Peacock Butterfly

The Peacock is one of the most colourful butterflies to visit gardens. 

Flowers in gardens such as number 1 The Square can provide a lifeline for many insects that depend on nectar for energy.  As well as looking pretty, gardens can be stepping stones in a town that enable mobile species to move around, including butterflies, moths, hoverflies and bees, as well as birds and other wildlife.

Over 20 different species of butterflies have been recorded in Chudleigh’s gardens.  With the correct foodplants for their caterpillars, some might breed in gardens, but usually they are looking for nectar.  The caterpillars of Peacock and several other colourful butterflies feed on nettles – though not everyone is happy to have those in their garden!  The ‘eyes’ on the wings of a Peacock look like those of an owl, to scarce away birds and other predators.

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