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Nature Trail around Chudleigh

After many volunteer hours, Chudleigh Wild are pleased to have completed the Chudleigh Wild Nature Trail!  Generously funded by the Co-op Community Fund, the nature trail depicts 12 brass rubbing images of our wonderful local wildlife.  Each oak post also has a QR code linking it to a webpage with information about the featured wildlife on the post.   A map and activity sheets can be collected from the Town Hall where the first post features a Swift (located near the pre-school entrance, opposite the Co-op). The map and activity sheets can also be downloaded from this webpage.

Chudleigh Wild would like to thank Chudleigh Co-op for funding the project, Amy Hughes for the beautiful illustrations of the rubbings, Bobby Hughes for creating the map and activity sheets, Peter Warn for installing all the posts and the land owners for agreeing to have the posts on their land.


Chudleigh Wild have created a map and a range of different activity sheets to use with the nature trail:

FINAL A4 Nature Trail map.png
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